South Beach Diet Phase 2

South Beach Diet Phase 2, before we was write about South Beach Diet Phase 1, today we will discuss about phase 2. Many weight loss meal plans fail since they do not meet the specific condition of one’s particular physical condition. Every person has a unique way of processing food, working on metabolism system and having various sensitivities towards particular food as well as ingredients. South Beach diet is one of few meal plans that watch these factors carefully and in details. If you are an independent person who has strong commitment of not only losing weight but opening up a new chapter in your life, this is what you should go for. Having succeeded with phase 1 you would probably stands on the point of no return now. South beach diet phase 2 focuses on personalizing your meal plan and observing how each ingredient affects your body. These reactions should not be kept aside but they do need careful attention.

Individualized Program
Depending on race, gender, and hereditary factors, everyone’s metabolism system and sensitivity react differently on various food and drinks. This condition is the key to diet success. One meal plan does not fit all people, really. Instead, diet program should ideally be developed based on person to person bases. If you can afford a personal nutrition, there won’t be any problems. Yet, if it is out of reach, South Beach diet is safe to do it independently.

Entering south beach diet phase 2, your body will be introduced (re-introduced, precisely) to carbohydrates and fruits, two elements that you miss in the first phase. The first couple of weeks of phase 1 were meant to clean up your body metabolism system. Having completed the cleansing period, your body system will be recharged slowly, step by step. The first week of second phase should add a small portion of carbohydrate as much as one serving every day. Watch closely how your body reacts on this. You should try up several sources that are low in sugar. Prepare brown sugar, whole grain cereals and oatmeal. Watch for any signs of rejection, resembled through weight gain or dizziness.

Adding Up Bit by Bit
If by the end of the week, you keep losing your weight and your body can eventually find the right carbohydrate source, continue entering the second and third week of south beach diet phase 2. Add up one serving of fruit on the second week, and watch again how your body reacts. Stay put in choosing high fiber carbs and fruits. If your weight keeps losing by the end of the second week, proceed to the third week. This week should test again your body’s reaction through adding another serving of high fiber carbohydrate and another serving of fruits. Continue up to the fourth week. Keep in mind that from the first up to the fourth week of phase 2, no starches intake is allowed. Entering the fifth and sixth week, you could add starch into your diet. Maintain your meal portions into 2-3 portions of carbohydrates, 2 cups of veggies, 2-3 fruit servings, and 2-3 dairy servings.

Watch Body Reaction Closely
It is very crucial for you to watch how your body reacts and responds to every added serving. If you find out that your body gains weight after certain exposures of particular food ingredients, change it with other alternative. What you need is the right meal that doesn’t suffer your body but help you losing weight. It may go slower that the first phase, but the result can be maintained and measured well.

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