South Beach Diet Phase 1

South Beach Diet Phase 1, diet tips, Being in the thirties bring loads of mixed feelings. It is the beginning of maturity and for some people it sends some signs to settle down. Yet, physically, real changes happen in this age. Some hereditary health problems usually start to occur in the beginning and mid of thirties. Along with it, weight problems become another concern. Tackling this problem through common diet or meal plans sometimes create imbalance and lack of energy. For productive people like us, decreasing stamina means a lot. We can’t lose some energy due to wrong meal plan, let alone having to suffer from unwanted side effects like digestion problems, etcetera.

Anything Goes Fast Will Last
One principle that everyone should remember when deciding to go on diet is that what goes fast will last fast, too. Losing minimum ten pounds or more only in a few weeks will need some real commitment and hard work. This is what south beach diet phase 1 is all about. South beach diet is divided into two phases and the first will require a couple of weeks at the beginning of the meal plan. This diet puts forward process to avoid yo-yo effect that can be dangerous for your health. Besides that, step by step program will allow both physical and psychological conditions adjusting well.

Phase 1 South Beach Diet
South beach diet phase 1 focuses on stabilizing blood sugar level and it will be the most restrictive step of overall meal plan. You will have to force yourself to abandon some unhealthy ingredients and food. In exchange, loads of veggies, fruits, fish and chicken as well as soya should be inserted in your daily meal plan. The step of this adjustment phase will last only in two weeks. This is to provide a transitional phase before getting your weight cut down significantly. In order to get through this phase successfully, you will need to pay attention on several factors discussed below.

Preliminary Step
Some ingredients that will work well to make your south beach diet phase 1 a big success is including salads in every meal, low fat-less salty cheese, low fat dairy products and consuming good fats. Good fats can be gained from nuts and avocado. Mix them in your salad or consume separately. Remember also to cut down the amount of sugary food. Here is the right portion that will help your body adjusting but keep you energized. Prepare three meals daily, insert two light healthy snacks and prepare non sugary dessert.

Leave behind fruits, whole grain products and juice from fruits since this will be included in the second phase. Stop alcoholic drink and beer. Spread olive or canola oil on your salad to maintain heart health. Say bye to meat lean cuts, and replace them with turkey, chicken (remove the skin) as well as salmon. Inserting healthy snack after an hour or one and half an hour after meal is important to avoid you from snacking high sugar snacks.

Get Some Decisions Realized!
While getting on with the adjustment weeks, you will need to take real action and get rid of some unnecessary food stocks. Focus on filling up your fridge and stock with the above ingredients only. Although you will need some carbohydrates and fruits, but this is for later step. Rather than getting tempted to chew some, it is better to clean them up from your vision. What you see and within reach are what you should consume!

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