Recipes of of HCG Diet Phase 1

Recipes of HCG diet, are you looking the info about this?. You can read this HCG diet recipes carefully., In most of diet methods that are divided into several steps or phases, some steps may appear to be much more challenging than the rest. This stage is usually set at the beginning or in the middle of the whole program. The end of the program normally sets a dieter to an achieved stage where the targeted weight has been reached or continuance of achieved habit has been internalized. In the case of HCG diet method, phase 1 is perhaps the hardest level where strict calorie counting applies. Many dieters seek for hcg diet recipes phase 1 references and advices to vary their menu. This article presents general overview (as a reminder) of the diet, explanation of what kinds of food that are allowed in the list as well as some ideas of the recipes to make your day more motivating.

This The Recipes of HCG Diet Phase 1

Recipes of HCG Diet

The real challenge in phase 1 is actually avoiding anything instantly serving and processed. For people who are used to home cooking and consuming fresh ingredients, this demand may not be that hard. But for most of us who rely on canned or frozen food, that only takes minutes to prepare and easy to store, processing fresh ingredients will seem to be troublesome. Restrictions are also made for sugar, fat and carbohydrate. The main aim in this phase is actually cleaning up metabolism from unhealthy substances. Hence, if you search for cooking alternatives for hcg diet recipes phase 1, even sauces are home cooked and not instantly consumed.

Food Recommend And Main Course Ideas Of of HCG Diet

HCG Diet

Foods Recommended
The bottom line of consumption in phase 1 of hcg diet is low calorie, low carbohydrate, high fiber and vitamins as well as healthy fats consumption. The easiest hcg diet recipes phase 1 that you will find it very practical and refreshing is green and fruit smoothies. This is very suitable for both breakfast and in between meal’s snack. Anything made of whole wheat is considered healthy and suitable in the first phase. Whole wheat pasta, bread, pastries are healthier source of carbohydrate. Milk and dairies should be taken with minimum process. Hence, if you wish to maintain yoghurt consumption, choose plain one and add up fresh chopped fruits for variations. This is to boost vitamin but keep sugar low. Pick fruits that are a bit acidic like oranges, strawberries and green apples, remember to consume low fructose content. Green smoothies can accommodate pretty much all green veggies. If you are bored with smoothies, fruit shakes (without additional sugar) can also be an alternative.

Main Course Ideas
As for main course hcg diet recipes phase 1, combining spinach, cheese and grilled chicken breast can be fabulous. What you need to prepare is skinless chicken breast (seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper), chopped fresh spinach and unsalted cheese (preferably of the low fat product) as the filling. Mix spinach and cheese with pressed garlic, fill it in the chicken breast. Grill it or put it in the oven with sprinkles of olive oil for more taste. An omelet with chopped spinach, broccoli, onions and cheddar cheese is also simple to prepare. If you want some variations, change either spinach or broccoli with bell peppers.

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