Mediterranean Diet, Mediterranean Eating Habit into Effective Diet

Mediterranean Diet, Mediterranean Eating Habit into Effective Diet., The secret of longevity and vitality of traditional wisdom has long been acknowledged as both effective and safe. Despite of modern diet methods that rely upon calculated portions of meals, measurable physical practice or exercise and intensively watched fat loss record, traditional wisdom is sought more these days. The reason being is that conventional recipe has been proven to some communities as significantly assuring good health and decrease deadly diseases.

One of the well-known diets is called Mediterranean diet that is adaptable from eating habit and recipes from the Mediterranean. If Japanese is known of its high protein intake from sea and raw consumption of fish, Mediterranean people are acknowledged of its magical olive oil. Recently, this method is being studied scientifically and developed into a meal plan that can tackle heart problems as well as rejuvenate blood vessels and lower glucose in the body. Thousands of people are taking this diet to improve health condition as well as cut down some fat.

Eating for Health Improvement and Weight Loss

Olive oil has been well known of its great function in protecting heart from failure. Mediterranean diet combines green veggies and fruits, protein sources and olive oil all together. The main aim here is actually decreasing weight to gain ideal proportion so that our body works better. Hence, sugary food is not included in the list. Consumption of carbohydrates is also limited. Red meat is replaced with fish to increase the level of protein and boost omega 3 that is very powerful to protect brain’s condition.

The cooking method of Mediterranean food is also far from deep fry. Most salads are chopped veggies with olive oil dressing or dressing made of avocado and other types of fruits. This type of cooking is considered healthy since all vitamins are retained without heat reduction. Portions of veggies and fruits here are doubled or even tripled. Daily consumption of vitamins and fibers include five portions per day.

Advanced Meal Plan Sample

Since Mediterranean diet needs to be done step by step, if you want to try this method, it should be started slowly. There are some guides on how to get on this meal plan without having to suffer from yoyo effect. In some cases, this can be combined with another low carbs diet. Mediterranean meals are known as one of the most effective plans to add up fiber and cut down weight especially if previously combined with Atkins meal plan.

Below is an example of advanced meal plan in a week:

• 2 portions of fish based meals
• 1 oz of various nuts and beans
• 5 portions of veggies and fruits per day equals to about 35 portions per week; can be mixed or separated servings
• 7 – 14 table spoons of olive oil, can be spread on salad of consumed purely in the morning and evening
• whole grain wheat flour and high fiber rice are recommended ingredients to replace other carbs sources

Olive Oil as the Center of Diet

As the center of Mediterranean diet, olive oil is crucial in both seasoning and serving process. The best way to consume virgin olive oil is without cooked. It means that it is not sheered, heated or fried. Splash it purely will optimize the benefit. Heated olive oil will lose its substantial element that can protect heart and blood vessels. Reduce sugar with honey and put away crunches or other snacks that are rich of salt. Dairy products especially yogurt still can be consumed.

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