List of Foods That Are Allowed for Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet

List of Foods That Are Allowed for Dukan Diet, hello diet tips lovers, As you may have recognized, Dukan diet method relies a lot on high protein intake and the strictness of meal plans. Failure in performing the plans in any of the stages may result in re-starting the process again from zero. Finding the sources for meal plans and dukan diet food list can be quite a work. Why is that so? This is due to its expansive types of high protein and good carbohydrate sources that one can choose. The list of one hundred foods can be either inspirational or confusing. To avoid such troubles, the food list presented below is divided into two basic phase, based on the stage where a dieter has to rely mainly on high protein sources and the next stage, where a combination of high protein food is combined with veggies.

Rich Protein Food Source for Attack Phase
The first stage of Dukan diet method is named Attack Phase, resembling its vision to cut down fat and extra weight in short time as an initial effort of the whole dieting process. Dukan diet food list on this phase includes high protein sources from animals and poultry products. No vegetables and fruits are allowed here. This is meant to turn your body into fat burning engine while keeping you full. Carbohydrates –in any kinds- are also prohibited.

What can you eat on this phase, then? Consider the following list to be included into your routine shopping:

• beef, without fat; this includes beef fillet, sirloin, roasted beef and make sure that these meats are fresh, cooked without any oils or fried. Lean beef is considered higher in protein compared to chicken thighs without skin. But, they can both be consumed in exchange, for variations
• chicken and turkey, both are recommended skinless, fresh without any cooking before –salted or seasoned-. The idea here is to buy them raw and plain so that you can control the cooking process, level of salt and sugar
• need something more than the above rich protein alternative? Take up hare or rabbit meats.

Poultry and Sea Food List
This list still belongs to the first stage, Attack Phase, but presented separately from the meat lists since it notes poultry products as well as sea harvests as the sources. Dukan diet food list under this category includes:

• eggs from quails or hens
• milk that is free from fat; plain, fatless yoghurt (including Greek yoghurt), unsalted and fat free cheese products
• if you love seafood, this is where the fun begins: tuna, salmon, trout, sardines, mackerel, herring, cod, crabstick, swordfish, and haddock are among the recommended fish
• more on seafood includes crab, calamari, prawns, shrimps, scallops and lobster

Veggies and Vegetarian Protein for Cruise Phase
The next Dukan diet food list includes the supporting elements for the second stage, Cruise Phase. It is the level where on-going weight loss process continues until the targeted weight achieved. This level also extends up to the stage where maintaining desired ideal weight continues. The following is the types of veggies you can eat together with the rich protein sources mentioned above:

• protein based on vegetables, i.e. fermented soya (tempeh) and tofu
• various colorful veggies including: asparagus, beetroot, cabbage, celery, mushrooms, cucumber, pumpkin, radish, lettuce, artichoke, sprouts from soya beans, tomatoes, spinach, turnip, cabbage and courgette

There are basically a number of veggies, protein based on veggies and other rich protein meats that belong to the list. For more precise guide, it is recommended to get an access to its official sources (books or websites)


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