How to Successfully Complete Phase 1 Atkins Diet

How to Successfully Complete Phase 1 Atkins Diet,, Planning meal to lose weight can be tricky. If you do have a personal advisor on nutrition and diet, such as personal trainer, it can ease the challenge. But, doing it all on your own can be both stressing and confusing. These conditions are of course giving negative energy towards any step that one will need to make in order to improve health quality as well as physical aesthetic. Atkins diet phase 1 is part of Atkins method that many of its dieters often reckon as the toughest weeks. However, compared to the result and philosophy of this method in turning body into fat burner engine, a couple of weeks of hard work and tight control are nothing.

The Crucial Two Weeks
Why does Atkins diet phase 1 become the hardest weeks of the whole diet process? This period is also known as induction where the target in two weeks is cutting down up to fifteen pounds. This is quite a significant amount of body mass and without proper method can turn into yo-yo effect just right after the first two weeks over. Besides its huge loss, induction may work differently from one person to another. It does not matter, though, how slow or fast it is that a person goes in these weeks, since the later steps of phases will enable further process of fat burning quite consistently.

Important Notes
Below are several crucial notes to remember in the efforts of winning the first two weeks of this diet:

• stay on track and discipline with meal times. You can set a three times meal plan or adjust them into smaller chunks with frequency between four up to five dishes per day. Never skip meals especially breakfast.
• include minimum 4 up to 6 ounces of protein foods in every meal. This can include fish, cheese, poultry, lamb, beef, pork and plant based protein, mix salad with olive oil.
• Olive based products are recommended, and so do products from canola oil, this includes butter and mayo.

How You Should Do It
Succeeding induction phase, or Atkins diet phase 1, will also depend on how well one executes the scheduled meal plans. Consistency is indeed the key here:

• keep liquid intake sufficient, at least eight ounce portion daily. But, stick to the recommended drinks like water, herb teas, club soda and both decaf as well as caffeinated tea or coffee
• try to understand how your body react and notice carefully real hunger from just habits. This will help your body to adjust to meal portions
• treat any sweetening items as additional a gram of carbohydrate per packet

The Don’ts
Now, this comes to the don’ts part, that is, elements or habit that you have to avoid:

• net carbohydrate should not more than twenty grams, in which, twelve up to fifteen grams are foundation vegetables
• check out the labels before buying any food ingredients, the warning here is that not all food low in carbohydrate
• eat salads and cooked veggies up to six servings per day, spread along with your meals and also placed in between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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