Hcg Diet Dangers, Facts Why HCG Diet Is Risky for Health

Hcg Diet Dangers

Hcg Diet Dangers, Facts Why HCG Diet Is Risky for Health, diet tips, The main reason why people are taking risks on getting into fast, quick diet methods is basically not to improve their health. Instant change to their physical appearance is usually the top priority. Those who are obese and have financial resource to cut the fat down and get slim fast will usually take whatever risks for better looking new image. The social pressure usually influences this decision rather than doctor’s overall examination on one’s general health condition. Hcg diet dangers are recently becoming a trending discussions among dieters and dieticians. Medical doctors, too, take part in the talks since real potential danger is detected.

Between Promise and Risk
Knowing that this diet is not safe for health, why do people keep seeking for its treatments? In fact, many people from different countries come to get the diet treatment. They seem to ignore the warnings on hcg diet dangers and only focus on fast slimming down result. This diet plan is actually mixing a pregnancy hormone, called hcg, and eating plan that is strictly limited up to five hundred calories only. Those who have been taking this treatment claim that the weight loss is rapid and the hormone can actually reduce the hunger. However, medical practitioners send serious signs of warnings that this diet will not have a long term impact and leaving with various side effects.

Medical Reviews
Some practicing physicians who are taking advantage of this trend and offer their service on giving hcg injection through their clinics, however, still continue doing the practice since the demands are high. Clients seem to put aside hcg diet dangers and keep on taking on several packages of treatments offered by the clinics. Normally, the method is designed into two different sets, 23 days and 40 days plans.

To avoid the clients’ body become immune towards the hormone, there is usually a resting period of around one and a half months. Clients are allowed to eat normally during the resting weeks. However, the fact that this dieters are strictly controlled under organic food ingredients and low calorie meal plans, there is a tough consequence where missing the rules can result in only green apples consumption for two days to clean the body metabolism up. Routine breakfast is normally consisting of orange and coffee, lunch menu covers raw veggies, a small portion of fruits in the afternoon and dinner dish includes tea, spinach, fish r crab and toast.

Where HCG Diet Comes From
If you ever wonder where this diet is actually from, it refers back to the fifties. An endocrinologist named A.T.W. Simeons, a British expert, found out that hcg hormones could break down and eliminate some fat. However, it only works when someone is near starving stage. Hence, hcg injection is always combined with extremely low calorie meal plan. Although claims mentioned that significant amount of fats can be reduced around butts, tummy, thighs and upper arms, people need to be aware of the fact that this treatment may only work fast under certain control and watch. Having succeeded in weight loss, one will be challenged to maintain it while staying healthy in both eating habit and physical stamina.

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