First Week Plan in Mediterranean Diet Meals

First Week Plan in Mediterranean Diet Meals, Known for its reputation in helping lots on people in losing weight as well as improving life quality, Mediterranean diet has gained trust and reliability over the years. Supported by various researches in testing its effectiveness, the eating habit that comes originally from the Mediterranean region has inspired people to focus on increasing health quality and gaining slimmer body in return, as a bonus. Mediterranean diet meal plan is considered friendly and safe for people with heart disease. It is also proven to be reducing cases of diabetes by allowing dieters to control their blood sugar through healthy meal plans. Moreover, people with hypertension can also control blood tension value through following Mediterranean meal plans. If there is an important note to pay attention is that people with kidney problems will perhaps need to consult a physician first before deciding to take this diet or not.

Notes on Drinks
Other than careful calculation of meals elements, drinks are something to watch and control also. Mediterranean diet meal plan should not be kept separated from the drinks. The key of maintaining health is controlling calories, excessive carbohydrate, too much sugar, salt and fat. Tea and coffee consumption should be limited provided that both are caffeinated. It is highly recommended not to drink more than four cups of them a day. Decaffeinated coffee and tea consumption is not limited. Sugar and milk control needs to be done. Limitation of each element is maximum two spoons a day. If you can substitute those drinks with water, lemon-tea without sugar and milk, that would be even better!

Breakfast Alternative
What is breakfast menu according to Mediterranean diet meal plan? An example of a healthy breakfast is serving pancakes with fresh fruits and maple syrup or honey. The pancakes should be made from a combination of anything low fat and high fiber ingredients. Let’s have a closer look:

• ingredients for pancake mix contains: one and a half cups of low-fat yoghurt, one egg, a cup of whole wheat pancake mix, and three quarter of non-fat milk. This combination can make five servings. Thus, use one serving for one day and keep the remaining in the fridge for the next four days.
• choose fresh fruits as the topping based on your own choice, like strawberries, bananas, apples or pears. Add up max two spoons of maple syrup or honey

Lunch Option
What about lunch time? How does Mediterranean diet meal plan look like for lunch? Salad is the most recommended lunch, especially if you pack it yourself for work. Chickpeas salad is one of the recipes that can be easy to prepare. But, make sure to clean and wash the extra sodium in the chickpeas well before mixing it with other ingredients. Grab a table spoon of black olives, a quarter cup of green pepper and romaine lettuce for two cups. Mix everything with a quarter cup of onion (chopped or grated), one and a half table spoons of white vinegar and black pepper. Mix everything well before serving.

Dinner Menu
Mediterranean diet meal plan for dinner can be prepared as simple as making chicken kabobs. It includes chicken breast marinated with a quarter cup of non-free Italian dressing. Grab some left over onion and green pepper from lunch and add up ten grape tomatoes. Chunk everything in small pieces and arrange on the skewers. The kabobs are ready to grill. As for carbohydrate, get a pita bread that is made from whole wheat grain and toast it on the grill.

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