Dukan Diet Recipes, Dukan Diet and Simple Recipes to Help

Dukan Diet Recipes

Dukan Diet Recipes, Dukan Diet and Simple Recipes to Help. DietTips.info, Are you looking for a meal plan to lose weight and remain stable after the diet is over? Do you prefer to have an independent program without having to pay extra bucks for a professional personal trainer or nutritionist? If you are committed and willing to spend some time to get everything prepared for this diet, welcome to dukan diet method, a meal plan that guarantee your weight loss without getting starving. Most of diet challenges lay on the recipe problems. It is not always easy to find the right cooking methods and meal alternatives. Dukan diet recipes are proven to be simple yet effective in cutting down some fats.

Dukan Diet Principles
If you are not familiar yet with this method, let’s get closer to dukan diet. This is a method created by Pierre Dukan, a physician from France. His track record in supporting people in weight reduction program has been proven to be effective. And the good news is, it is claimed that once a person loses weight, the fats won’t return anymore! Say good bye to them, once and for all! The diet concentrates on omitting carbohydrates, and uses another food element, i.e. protein to replace it. Protein in high portion and taken daily are combined with regular must-do walk program. There are four phases in this diet and the great thing is that each phase contains delicious dukan diet recipes.

Phases of Dukan Diet
Dukan diet recipes are developed based on the four phases below:

• The first phase of this diet is named the Attack Phase. It only allows animal protein intake. How long should this phase take place? The calculation is technically like this: a plan to cut down ten pounds requires one day of Attack Phase. It accumulates like this, two days in this phase is useful to cut down less than twenty pounds weight, and so son. The longest period can reach seven up to ten days.
• The second phase is Cruise Phase, combining both vegetables and animals based protein. Here, regular walk starts for about thirty minutes per day.
• The third phase is called Consolidation Phase where you will step by step be introduced to carbohydrates slowly into your daily meal portion. Stay walking but reduce the length, i.e. twenty five minutes.
• The fourth stage is called Stabilisation where you can continue the habits you have achieved so far and maintain the reduced weight.

Attack Phase Recipe: Easy and Delicious.
Here is an example of a simple lunch recipe for working days during the first phase. This is one of dukan diet recipes that contains high protein, delicious, yet simple to prepare. All what you need just chicken breasts without skin, lemon juice from freshly squeezed lemon, garlic, ginger, and chopped coriander to marinade. As for the dip, use non fat Greek yoghurt, paprika, a bit of salt and pepper. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and let the chicken stay a while to get it marinade for about an hour. While waiting, get the dip done by mixing all ingredients. Grill the chicken and serve it with the dip. Among other dukan diet recipes, this is perhaps one of the variations that can meet various tastes. And, it will make your first week tasty as well as motivating!

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