Diet For Teenage Girls, Safe Diet for Teenage Girls

Diet For Teenage Girls, Safe Diet for Teenage Girls., Dealing with teenage girls in the family is always challenging. It can be your daughters, niece, kid sister and everything about them is a never ending business. Especially, when she has turned to be a ‘real’ teen by having her period, everything changes in a snap. Suddenly, it is all about freckles, acnes, weight gain, cosmetics, dress and perfume, and so much more. Nevertheless, dealing with diet for teenage girls is not an easy issue. It is very important to watch weight gain and keep your daughters in shape. It is not merely about aesthetical reason, but also health. Imbalance height and weight may result in hormonal problems that make periods are not in good order.

However, meal plan that is strictly applied for teenage girls is not always wise. They are still growing and balance intake is needed, including some calories, carbohydrates and good fat. Cutting them down immediately and treating your daughter with adults’ diet method can result in deficiencies. If your daughter is still on her early teens like eleven up to fifteen years old, taking up safe weight loss method is the most effective. By keeping the risks low whereas optimizing programs to burn extra fat and calories, you actually support and promote a choice of life style. It is not, or too late.

Watch the Intake

Obesity or overweight commonly happens during teen period due to various reasons. Hormonal changes can also be one of the influencing factors, other than excessive eating habit. The latest reason may build up along with the increasing activities that your daughter is involved in. As she becomes active, she may feel hungrier more often and tend to snack or run to some fast food vendors nearby. The problem here is, the sign of thirst or dehydrated may be falsely understood as hunger. This is what makes your daughter eats rather than drink. Make sure that her need of minimum one liter water a day is met. Water can improve metabolism and balance hormonal condition.

Burn More than Consumed Calorie

The basic logical analogy of why obesity or overweight occurs is that there is no balance between consumed calories and spent energies. For teenage girls, the best and safe way to burn extra calories is through engaging them in various activities that challenges their physic. Early teen girls would love to join group activities like dance, nature clubs, self-defense, or gyms. If your daughter is introvert or quiet and a type of artistic individual, try to encourage her to swim or walk. Group’s role is quite significant in influencing your daughter’s motivation in doing any physical activities. Diet for teenage girls should include active life style, not only meal plans and limitations.

Remember: Your Teen Daughter Still Needs to Grow

The most important thing here is that your teenage daughter still needs to grow. Physically, she still requires sufficient nutrition, calcium, mineral, fiber, carbohydrate and good fat. Diet for teenage girls should not harm their physical and psychological growth. Pay attention to snacking habits and sweetened drinks. Encourage your daughter to eat proper meals and provide her with healthy, high fiber snacks from fruits based, nuts or grains. Set a new habit at home to replace carbonated drinks with pure water and home-made fresh juice. Sugar can be retained as extra calories and boost weight gain.

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