Carbohydrate Cycle Solution in Seven Days: Chris Powell Diet

Carbohydrate Cycle Solution in Seven Days: Chris Powell Diet, Experiencing fat loss in only a week or seven days? Is it feasible? If you seek for quick diet methods, there are probably abundant of them available to find. Yet, if both health and weight loss that you are aiming for, be more critical! Most diets can trigger cravings. Even the most experienced dieter can also suffer from this condition. Chris powell diet offers something that will make dieters surprised (in positive ways). He does include carbohydrates in the diet! Besides to avoid cravings that contribute to the failure of diet, it also motivated extremely obese individuals to take part in the methods and get their life (read: health) back!

Diet Based on Carb?
Chris powell diet uses a combination of calculation between carbohydrates and proteins. Rarely is a method of weight loss integrated carbohydrates. Normally, it will be avoided strictly, especially in the first few weeks. This plan is not too scary for those who are not used to meal controls. Imagine carbohydrate based meals every day, with full three meals per day. In between the meals, there are two snacks available. The key here is combining high versus low carb intake in the menu. This solution is called Carb Cycle Solution. The limitation of calories is strictly applied in this diet. On high carbohydrate days, dieters are allowed to eat 1, 500 calories daily but have to cut it down on 1, 200 calories on low carbs day. On the cheat days, 2, 400 calories are allowed. This calculation is made for women.

Powell’s Solution against Craving
Not all diet method is developed by the experts. However, chris powell diet is created and researched by an expert in Exercise Science. Powell also receives recognition as strength and conditioning specialist certified professional. He has been in this industry for a while and being a regular contributor to various shows and programs in the USA. This diet offers balance menu and scheduled meal plans with healthy approaches. He does motivate dieters in variety of ways to get them back to the healthy track of living. Over the years, he found out that eliminating or strictly abandon carbohydrate to be included in the diet meal plans will only make dieters even hungrier physically and mentally.

Rule of 3-2-1
In addition to the diet method, exercise should also be made well-planned. The rule of chris powell diet consists of 3-2-1. It incorporates low intensity of exercise to enable you talk while breathing at ease. This step should be performed for three minutes. After that, the intensity should be improved to moderate level for about two minutes. This is easily noticed through easily maintained conversation while the level of breathing increases into heavy. The last level of the exercise is just one minute long but it consists of high intensity program. The way you measure this is through the condition that conversation is hard to hold and the breathing is very heavy.

High versus Low Carb Day
On high carbohydrate days, dieters are allowed to consume cereal with protein powder for breakfast; Greek yoghurt for morning snack; chicken for lunch, choco shake for afternoon snack and chicken again for dinner. During low carbohydrate days, breakfast is strictly limited to Greek yoghurt with banana; morning snack with non fat cheese; lunch with wraps; afternoon snack with chocolate peanut butter shake and wrap it up with chicken for dinner.

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