Blood Type Diet B Design for Health

Blood type diet B is design especially for those people who has B blood type. Diets are more become the people need in life. Many people suffer from overweight. Noticeable or not, being obese or overweight is risking life. Easily tired, hard to move and difficult to breath are the most casual symptoms of being overweight. Many diets ways acclaimed to be successful in overcome these problems. There are some similar diets, while others are breakthrough diets.

Blood type diet B for tolerant people

Every human have various blood type such as A, B, AB or O and have different rhesus of positive and negative. Which cause there will be eight types of blood type. Peter J D’Adamo, an author of book for dieting according to your blood type, Eat Right for Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer and Achieving Your Ideal Weight, suggesting a different type of blood with different kind of food to consume. For O type is suggested to eat lean meats, poultry and fish. Blood type A suggested having vegetables, grains and soy protein. Modern AB type should eat dairy product, tofu and seafood. While blood type diet B should have low fat dairy product and meat but should avoid corn, wheat and lentils.

He is a naturopathic doctor who believes that the food that we eat and the exercise that we done will result better if it was done based on personal blood type. Similar with other diet this blood type diet also reaping many negative criticism. Some say there are no evidence of this diet has been through clinically research. There also some concerns about some blood types diet lacking of nutrition while the other blood type diets are suppose to consume high amount dairy products. Thus this diet still appealing for those who feel it is easy to follow since it did not have to count how many calories or fat grams that should be taken. Having blood type diet B should be taken into consideration with doctor supervision.

What to concern on blood type diet B?

Although this blood type diet have different kind of food for each blood type, but there are certain food that is allowed to be consume by all blood type. There are no limitations to eat cookies, chips, crackers or any kinds of dessert. Many types of bread also recommended for all types of blood such as Ezekiel bread which made from sprouted grains and Essene breads from ground sprout and made by baked under the sun. Blood type diet B also share fishes, herbs and spices such as ginger and parsley, vegetables such as collard green, broccoli, parsnip and beet leaves, also olive oil and plums.

Blood type diet B should have worries on tomatoes, corn, lentils, wheat, peanuts, buckwheat, and sesame seeds. When someone in blood type diet B dangerously consumes these foods, it may lead to fatigue, hypoglycemia and fluid retention. People in blood type B should consume grains, dairy product, meat, fruits and vegetables.

Differences between blood type diet B with other blood type

People with blood type diet B have huge different and characteristic with people with O or A type. They having different type of disease and should consume different type of foods. Blood type diet B individually has another way of life. It has to do with human genes which have impact on numerous body systems such as digestive enzymes. The B blood type genes affect the stomach acid level.

According to Doctor D’Alamo, blood types B are origin from hot eastern Africa which travels to cold Himalayan highland. It makes their blood type mutated to adapting with different climate. The B blood typed dominating in the Caucasian and Mongolian tribes. The Mongolians are depending on hunting and animal breeding. They mostly eat meat and other dairy products. This is affecting the blood type diet B has to consuming those products.

Those blood type diet B spread across Asian people to small percentages of Western Europe such as in Germany and Austria. B blood type is more flexible than A or O blood types. It shows the ability to adjust for many kind of condition. B blood types person also able to adapt in high altitude area. Blood type diet B need to balance the food in their life. The consumption of animal and vegetables kingdom should be maintained well. The challenge is when the person in B blood type is in stressful condition. He or she will be more sensitive to accepting many diseases that affected the immunity of the body such as auto immune disease as lupus, MS and CFS.

Blood type diet B treatment

Stress holds a very big impact to blood type diet B. when he or she is out of balance, the level of cortisol is getting higher which result in stress pattern such as insomnia, daytime brain fog, overreaction to stress and difficulties to recover from stress. These problems lead to more severe problems such as disturbing auto immune function which lead for insulin resistance, depression and hypothyroidism. To overcome these problems, meditation for blood type diet B can be with yoga.

Wheat, corn, lentils, peanuts, tomatoes, sesame seeds, and buckwheat can ruin blood type diet B. The consumption of these foods can resulting in hypoglycemia which is the dropping of blood sugar level after eating one of those meals. Chicken, although also a lean meat, with bacon and shellfish also dangerous for blood type B. It is suggested that changing blood type diet B menu from chicken to other meat products such as rabbit, venison, mutton, goat and lamb. There are some foods that known to be able to reduce weight such as eggs, low fat dairy products and a lot of vegetables.

When food can be controllable, then the blood type B should take a good exercise. The exercise may vary, but it has to have certain point that important such as having intense physical exercise as well as mental challenge, but in the same time need to involve with other people activities. Pairing and group sports are great for type B such as tennis, badminton, soccer, golf, cycling, hiking and martial arts. Those sports allowed competition as well as personal attachment which are great thing for blood type diet B.

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