Atkins Diet, High Protein Diet that Works

Atkins Diet, High Protein Diet that Works. Ideal or proportional body is everyone’s dream. Not only women are dreaming of having slim and beautiful figure, men are currently more and more aware of the aesthetical aspect of body shaping. It is hard to split the motivation between staying healthy or trying to be more attractive. Frankly, both are important, aren’t they? Well, if being attractive is what it is all about, perhaps you should think it over. It is a bonus, really, to have beautiful figure that is fresh and full of energy. The real value is actually what is in the body and how they work. Staying healthy is an investment. Being physically attractive is a bonus! Have you heard of a meal plan that puts forward proper composition of food that works amazingly? The breakthrough of this eating arrangement started in 2010 when the method of Atkins diet was first introduced and changed thousands of lives.

The Basics of Atkins Diet

What is it with this diet, and what makes it different than other methods of weight loss? To put it in simple ways, imagine a meal plan that will not make you starving. You cannot leave meat behind? No problems. Have a strong urge for creamy soup? You can get it. This is a method that leaves carbohydrates behind and substitutes it with loads of veggies, protein, and fruits.

If you are big fan of greenies, this shouldn’t be too hard to do. And, the good news is all other ingredients are welcomed provided that intake of carbohydrates is kept low. Atkins diet was developed upon an understanding that the source of energy is carbohydrate. If this element is consumed too much, it will be retained in our body and turn to be unused fat. By drastically lowering down its consumption, we actually aim to fool our brain and send false message that we are starving. Hence, the brain will instruct our body to burn fat in order to compensate the deficiency.

What You Have to Eat

So, that’s how it works and the ‘grounded’ theory behind its reasoning. Now, it comes to the fun part that is planning the meal. But, before taking actions, it should be well understood that people with kidney and heart problems as well as pregnant moms are not recommended to go on this diet. Atkins diet is claimed to be effective for those without the mentioned conditions above and we can said that this method is the right diet. Since the idea here is low-carb intake, high protein as well as nutrition, double the amount of veggies, fish, nuts, fruits and dairy products. Those should be enough to keep you full.

Prevented Menu and Ingredients

No carbohydrates whatsoever, and say goodbye to white bread, flour, rice, and pasta. Those are ingredients that are very rich of carbs. Red meat with sauce is still fine and stuck in various salads to make you full. Leave egg yolks when you make omelet. Change rice with brown rice, and white bread with whole grain products. Fiber will also make you full and at the same time help burn extra fat in your body. Soya products are also high in protein. Use it to change your full creamer when making cream soup. Yummy food, healthy body, and lower weight!

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