Arranging Healthy Diet for Bearded Dragon

Arranging Healthy Diet for Bearded Dragon,, Pets and pet shops have one thing in common. They are demanding real attention of details. Parents usually allow kids to have their first pet after they can be responsible for the animals. Some schools even promote the use of pets as a classroom pet or something like to grow responsibility and nurturing qualities of children. Some pets may be relatively easy to handle but some others can really require careful attention and care. One of the kinds that should be carefully taken care of is bearded dragon. Not only that its food has to be programmed, but also the diet needs attention. Over consumption of synthetic vitamin can be fatal and causing the dragons to be poisoned.

Bearded dragon diet is very crucial to make sure that the dragons grow healthily and happy. Just like other animals, they, too, have lists of food to take ad avoid. If you are breeding dragons for sale, it is very important to make sure that the dos and don’ts of feeding are well comprehended. Young dragons, especially, are still very fragile and failure in meeting the diet plan can make them sick or even die. The most important fact that you need to understand from dragons is that they eat both other animals and veggies or fruits. Bearded dragons belong to the group of omnivores. They simply can eat many things but not everything. Three basic foods they can eat are insects, veggies and fruits except citrus. Since they cannot eat big things, it is necessary to adjust the size of the foods not bigger than the space between their eyes.

Treating Young Bearded Dragon
When bearded dragons are still young, their feeding habit is more intense compared to adult dragons. They need to grow, and that explain their frequent eating routines. Young bearded dragon diet consists of mostly insects. It does not mean that they are not allowed to eat veggies, though. The way the feeding should be done is like this. Schedule three of insects feeding time in a day. Then, eating routine can take between ten to fifteen minutes allowing them consume as many as they can take. In between the scheduled insects eating, it is possible to leave some veggies in the cave and letting them do whatever they want with it. Normally, when they grow a bit older entering juvenile period, the amount of crickets consumed is around twenty up to sixty every day.

Dealing With Adult Bearded Dragon
Adult bearded dragon diet is pretty much the opposite of young and juvenile dragons. If the amount of crickets or other insects given to the adult dragons is too much, it will make them obese. Daily insects consumption recommended is between ten to twenty insects, given once a day. Similar with young dragons, adults need ten up to fifteen minutes feeding time. It is not advisable to leave any insects in the tank. Leave veggies instead, and combine various types including cucumber, carrot, lentils, turnips, cabbage, pumpkins and zucchini. Make sure that there is no overlapping consumption of nutrition occurs. This is to avoid excessive vitamin A intake that can poison the dragons. If the resource of vitamin A is natural such as carrot, bearded dragons can discharge the extra beta carotene. But, if the source is synthetic multivitamin, they can’t excrete the unneeded leftover. And, this is harmful.

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